Auto-Buy Authors!! T10T!

I’m excited to say that I finally join the Top Ten Tuesday Group! This team was created by The Broke and the Bookish. Today’s topic is top 10 auto buy authors. In other words, when we find out that our favorite author release a new book, we run to the nearest book store asap.

1.Rick Riordan


I have always loved the Percy Jackson series! I read them when I was younger and I recently reread the series to prepare myself to finally reading the Heroes of Olympus books (which I am enjoying so far!) I also own the Kane chronicles and most of the PJ companion books. I also plan on getting his new book in October. His books are fun and addicted…and also educational.

2. Gillian Flynn


She is my Queen. I loved Sharp Objects and Dark Places because they were intense and a little bit creepy. I have yet to read Gone Girl but I own it and I will read this book soon. I mean VERY soon. I still haven’t watched the movie because of this reason. I also want to watch Dark Places super badly. I havent hear any news of her writing a new book which makes me sad:(.

3. Emil Ostrovski


He only has wrote one book but it was spectacular. The Paradox of Vertical Flight is one of my favorite books because not just it’s entertaining aspect, but it’s philosophical parts as well. I can’t say enough how much I recommend this novel. His new book Away We Go is coming out in 2016 and I AM SO PUMPED FOR THIS BOOK. PPV-PETER PAN VIRUS LIKE WHAT IS THIS I FEEL LIKE EMIL KNOWS ME PERSONALLY (i know that aint true tho).

4. Chuck Palahniuk


I own all of his books yet I have not read any of them let’s not discuss this any further.

5. Cassandra Clare


She’s my drug read. Her books are addicting and fun and that’s pretty much all I have to say on that topic.

6. Lemony Snicket AKA DH

Daniel Handler

I own and loved all of his books. I am currently rereading the Series of Unfortunate events and all the nostalgic memories have been hitting me hard. He will forever be an auto-buy author.

7. Veronica Roth


The love for the Divergent series has declined in the past couple years due to over hype, Allegiant, and the quality of the movies. I personally still adore the series. I have read and enjoyed the series plus the novellas (FOUR). I know that Roth is working on a duology in which STAR WARS???????

8. Richelle Mead


Kind of another nostalgic read. The Vampire Academy Series helped me get through middle school when I was going through hard times. I own the entire series (in which I have read in the total of 4 times) and all of her other books are on my ereader…which has been on their…unread for years oops!

9. Sarah Dessen

download (1)

Thinking about it now, I feel like Sarah Dessen is the only young adult Romance author that I have loved and enjoyed. I don’t know why but her writing just appeals to me more than the rest. I have read most of her books except for a couple. I will continue to buy her books (though when it comes to guys in her books OWEN is the only person that will be in my hear forever.

10. J.M. Barrie

download (2)

This one is a total cheat. Peter Pan is my all time favorite character,book,and movie. I will forever buy multiple editions of Peter Pan  because there is a lot of beautiful ones out there. And publishers keep producing more and all I have to say is keep it coming. I have a total of 8 editions of Peter Pan.


3 thoughts on “Auto-Buy Authors!! T10T!

  1. I should’ve included Chuck Palahniuk on my list this week! I’ve only actually purchased one of his books but I’ve borrowed a good number from the library. He’s definitely a writer with a unique voice. Hope you get to read one of his books soon. Happy Reading!

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