100 Book Challenge

Not long ago, I took the challenge to read 100 books in one year…which I accomplished. However, since then, my reading has slowed down…a lot! SO I decided that starting September 1, I will once again read 100 books(hopefully more). Even though this semester is going to be busy, I believe that I can do this! I think that there is always time for reading if you make time.

giphy (4)

But I don’t just want to stop there.

I want to become more of a diverse reader. I want my blog to be more than just the same type of books.That being said here are a list of challenges that I hope to read each month.

1 Classic or 1 Non-Fiction

1 YA

1 Middle Grade

1 Adult

I also want to make it a goal to update my Goodreads more often so that I can know the exact amount of books that I am reading

Now, I am not doing this so that I can say that I have read 100 books(Twice).I am doing this because I feel like this will encourage me to explore new genres and be more opened to read books that I would never have thought of reading. I have loved almost all the nonfiction books that I have read, yet it’s not a genre that I automatically reach for. It would be cool by the 8th month, I will read more non-fiction than fiction. But for now, 1 a month should be good.

I also want to read more classics because I want to become a better reader…to think more about the books that I read rather than just for pure entertainment (I will still read for entertainment though because fast-paced books are the best).

Reading more Middle Grade is also in my best interests because It’s fascinating to see what younger people are reading(I’m weird I know). It’s cool comparing what I read in middle grade to what middle graders are reading now. Also, it’s easy to read;)

I already read a lot of YA and Adult to that challenge should be easy to accomplish:)




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