Saturday Quotes: Jane Eyre



Hey guys! Welcome to the very first Saturday Quotes. Every Saturday I’ll pick a book, and share my favorite quotes from the novel. 

This week book: JANE EYRE

I absolutely love this novel. It contains beautiful quotes about Independence, love, and feminism.






This is the most prominent and in my opinions best quotes of the book. It really depicts Jane’s independence and how she’s proud that she can think for herself. She doesn’t want to be the normal Victorian woman…she wants to be individualistic.



Bertha Mason…poor girl. She was trapped into the basement in the brick of insanity. She poisoned for years, losing her humanity.  Mmmm sounds like the feeling of being a typical Victorian.




Ahhhhn, how can I talk about Jane Eyre without mentioning Edward Rochester.


What’s your favorite Jane Eyre quote?



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