Horrible Fan Art Monday


Yes, I’m doing another meme type of thing. I am horrible at drawing…Probably the worst. On Instagram, Deviant, and Tumblr, I see these beautiful, vibrant drawing, making me extremely envious. I want to draw good. However, I discovered that I didn’t have the patience to do such task.

BUT. I do still like to draw(despite my lack of skill) and I thought this would be fun to share my HORRIBLE fan art to you all. SO I will share 1-3 fan art drawing every Monday! Because you know what, I can still do something I love, without being good at it. 🙂

Today I will only be showing one horrible fan art.

I present to you…

FullSizeRender (2)



Sydney Sage.

I recently been reading the Bloodlines series, and for some odd reason I wanted to draw Sydney.

Believe it of not, but the most time consuming thing was the eyes. I then discovered that drawing eyes sucks and I didn’t bother to fix them no more. Though, they kind of look like demon eyes.  I think the nose looks decent, but the mouth looks like I didn’t even try (which is kind of true). The Lily was to difficult to draw so I kind of BSed it. The hair… I just scribbled cause I forgot what her hairstyle is.

Well I hope you guys enjoyed this.

If you want you guys can tell me what character I should ruin for you next;)

Happy reading:)






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