Sunday Recommendations: Classics!

Classics. They are something that many us dread to read in school. We hate the teacher for forcing the class to read the novels, while spending weeks over-analyzing the material.

However, once a person finishes a classic, they can’t help but feel satisfied and proud. They feel like they are a true book reader, and extremely intelligent.

Do you want these feelings? Fret no more because here are some classics that are amazing and easy to read. You’ll be bragging about reading these babies in no time.



A book about talking farm animals, reenacting the Russian Revolution? YES! Animal Farm is super easy to read, and you’ll be able to fly through it in a matter of 2-3 hours. Once you read this, you’ll feel completely knowledgeable about the Russian Revolution and communism! Impress your friends! Impress your history teacher! Maybe he/she will give you some extra credit.


A fun and enchanting read! When you watch Disney’s Peter Pan with your family and friends, you can be that pretentious book snob, telling them how the story really is, and start a conversation about gender roles and adulthood.




Intimidating but surprisingly easy to read classic. It’s a book that EVERYONE should, especially women. It provided me a lot of insight,and helped me develop some beliefs about feminism. Truly changed my life!


4A heartbreaking novel about a young Jew’s experience in a concentration camp. Again, it’s one of those books that everyone should read! It will haunt your mind and leave an everlasting scar.






Somehow, Dickens’s intimidate a lot of people, but I found Great Expectations to be an effortless read. Read about a boy who you might grow to hate, makes you realize that being nice can help you in the long haul.



There you have it! I hope you read some of these amazing novels one day!




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