Discussion: Going into books BLINDLY

“Your”Blind” Books: When went into a book without reading the synopsis and reviews, generally having no absolute knowledge of the book.

Going into books “blind” is sometimes a thrilling experience. You don’t know anything about the characters or the plot, making the book seem mysterious. You open the book, wondering where these words on the pages will take you.

However, going into books blindly is sometimes a terrible thing. You don’t know where you going. It sometimes feels like you are wearing a blind fold on a 100 story cliff, fearing you might fall. You don’t know if you’ll like book, hoping you do because you don’t want to spend hours reading a crappy book.

So what’s the best way to go into a book? Knowing the synopsis? Going to it blindly?

My opinion:

I’ve gone into many  books blindly. It’s sometimes hard because you have the urge to open the flap of the dust jacket to read what the book is about, or look up the synopsis on GoodReads. However, once you break that barrier, and read the first few chapters, the urg disappears.

Now I’ve liked some of the “blind” books and I’ve also hated some.

Blind Book I liked: The Paradox of Vertical Flight

Now I think I will always praise this book. It’s my favorite because it’s hilarious and thought provoking. I personally believe it’s a book everyone should read, and I also encourage people to not read the synopsis because that’s what I did. This “blind” book became my absolute favorite of all time.

Blind book I disliked: Trouble is a Friend of Mine

This book had so much potential, yet it failed for me. I can’t really describe why I hate this book so much. UGHHH. I wished I read the reviews for this because it took me about 2 weeks to listen to the book. I could have listen to a different book that was FAR BETTER.

Blind book  I liked: Suicide Notes

This book is absolutely amazing. It’s funny, honest, and somehow, the ending surprised me. It’s definitely under hyped, and more people should read it. I’M SO GLAD I WENT THROUGH THIS BLIND BECAUSE IT WAS SO MUCH BETTER.

Blind book I disliked: Story of a Girl

I’m not even going to discuss this book. I wished I read both the synopsis and the reviews.

So obviously, I’v experienced both the postives and negatives when going into a book blind.

So what’s my verdict?


I sometimes can’t help but like to be surprise. Although I’ve experienced a lot of bad books because of me going into them blindly, I discovered a lot of amazing books. They wouldn’t be the same if I read the synopsis or read the reviews. When I was younger, I used to never read the back of the book, and purely just read because of cover and title, and I have a lot of childhood faves because of that.

I went to the Percy Jackson books blindly, without even knowing it’s about Greek Gods. And oh my goodness, reading it as a child, I thought this series was just GOLD. I still think it’s gold.

I think there’s something beautiful about going into a book blindly…it makes me feel proud to be a reader.

What about you guys? Do you like or dislike going into a book blindly?




14 thoughts on “Discussion: Going into books BLINDLY

  1. I can’t say I’ve blind read before (way too curious for my own good) but am intrigued to try it! I saw recently a post about “blind date book night” where you go to the bookstore and they have books covered in paper so you cnat read the back but there’s a few key words to draw you in! Sounded exciting!!
    Also, I have nominated you for the Liebster Award.
    Check out details in my post at watcherbooks.WordPress.com

  2. Great discussion post, Qui. I actually rarely go into a book blind, just because before I purchase books I want to know that I’ll probably enjoy it. But I do see your point as to why sometimes you don’t have to read the synopsis and the element of surprise is also a plus. 🙂

    -Jess @jbelkbooks

    1. Yeah, I was in Barnes and Noble yesterday, and every time I picked up a book,I would look it up on goodreads to see if it has an acceptable rating. Haha I’m trying to stop that habit but I get that a lot of bookstores are expensive, and sometimes buying a book blindly could be risky.

  3. I always blind read books. To sum up why I even tried to read a book in the first place is all because of what I have heard of it. Once I have the book in my hands, I don’t even read the synopsis at the back. It’s thrilling, and at the same time it gives an incredible reading experience.

    Wonderful discussion post you got here! ♡

    1. I have to agree with you! I’m always get excited when I go into a book blindly. I unfortunately don’t do it enough, and I hope to change that! Thank you!!:)

  4. Haha I actually often end up going into books blindly, although usually not intentionally! I read the blurb and everything, but when I get around to reading it, I have hardly any recollection of what it’s really about before I read the book. XD Great discussion!

  5. I don’t read blind, because there are too many great books out there to spend time on the ones I would’ve known I’d dislike after two minutes of checking reviews.

    My one exception is recommendations from a friend whose tastes are 95% similar to mine. Every so often we just hand each other something off our respective bookshelves and read it. I trust his tastes, so I’ll read blind. I’ve only been disappointed once.

    I also have one indie writer I buy blind, but I still don’t necessarily read them all. I just like enough of her stuff to want to keep her writing even if an individual story doesn’t appeal to me.

    Great discussion!

    1. Yeah, I get what you mean. I’ve wasted my team on countless blind books, and I wished I read the reviews for. At the same time, I do find gems that I was happy I went into blind! Thank you!

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