Saturday Quotes: Peter Pan

Welcome back to another Saturday Quotes where  every Saturday, I’ll pick a book (series), TV, Movie, etc, and share my favorite quotes!

Today I will be sharing quotes from PETER PAN!



I always liked this quote when I was younger. It made me wonder how we are in the after life, and if there was truly a Heaven or a Hell. Death is sort of like an adventure because when we die, we travel to the unknown, and that could be exciting.


Peter Pan has always been an arrogant but fun character. Peter says this when Wendy finishes sewing his shadow onto him, and he thinks that he thought of the idea, even though all credit belongs to Wendy.


This one is quite sad; Peter realizes he would have to let Wendy go.


Gotta add the classic opening line!

What’s your favorite Peter Pan Quote?




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