Villain Squad Tag

Villains…you gotta love the. I was tagged to do this by Lois @mymidnightmusing check out her blog!

For this tag, you can use any mediums: Book, Movie, TV, Manga, Graphic Novel.



Think of your own villain identity and power!

Mmm. I would want to be that arrogant, sarcastic, and manipulative villain.  I would have the power of compulsion because mind control is such a cool power to me. My name would be Queen Quionna because that’s my nickname ;).

The Leader – Pick a villain to lead the squad.

Um me.

Well, if I had to choose…

Light from Death Note.

He’s intelligent and is someone that thinks of every possible Senioro.



The Killer Smile – Pick a Villain Who’s Just Extremely Attractive


Norman Bates (both movie and TV show)

This one is weird but I always had a crush on Norman. He’s smart and extremely charming.




The Loose Canon – Pick a Villain that marches to the beat of their own drum.

Sebastian from the Mortal Instruments series. 

Sebastian is almost like a one man army. He manipulates people into believing what he believes and e does have a temper, making him unpredictable I adore Sebastian as a character and a villain.  He’s sick and twisted but you can’t help but feel sympathetic towards him.



The Unhinged One – Pick a villain that isn’t playing with a full deck.

Bellatrix from the Harry Potter Series

Its obvious that this woman is insane. No one better for this category.







The Redeemer – Pick a villain that’s on a path of redemption/would play both sides.

Rumpelstiltskin from Once Upon a Time. 

He’s played both sides numerous of times and you never know what he’s going to do. He has the tendency to be evil, however when it comes to his girl [will not mention name because of spoilers], you betta watch out (though he has betrayed he before).  Rumple does try to do good, but he sometimes falls to the path of evil.




The Evil One – Pick a villain that’s just bad to the bone.


Reyand from Poison Study

This is the only villain I think that I truly hate.








The Once Was Good – Pick a villain that didn’t originally start out as a villain.

A character in Last Sacrifice (the 4th book in the Vampire Academy Series.

I’m not gonna say who but this character was a sweetheart turned bad.








Who would be in your villain squad?


May @ sunsetsandbookfests.

Kaytlyn @ thebohemianbookworm





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