The Reader Confessional #2

Welcome to a new confessional!

The reader confessional is where I disclose all of my embarrassing secrets, funny experiences, weird habits and unpopular opinions regarding my reading life.


This week’s confession is:




I loved LOVED putting dust jackets on my walls. I thought that they looked pretty and was a better way to showcase all my books. Everyone in my family thought it was tacky but I thought it was cool. However, this resulted in ruining and losing numerous of dust jackets–even my Harry Potter ones. I eventually grew out of the habit but I will admit that I’m always tempted to put my favorite dust jackets on my wall because they look gorgeous but then I remember that it will most likely ruin them XD.

What weird reading habits did you do as a child?




3 thoughts on “The Reader Confessional #2

  1. this was literally the cutest thing i’ve read thus far. it does seem like a neat idea! i’m so sorry some of your covers got ruined tho 😦

    1. Yeah, unfortunately, I ruined some of my Harry Potter dust jackets so I had to buy new ones (new books I mean)! But at the time, I really liked looking at the covers on my wall! 🙂

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