Netflix’s “A Series of Unfortunate Events”| Unpleasantly Pleasant Surprise

I don’t even know why I even doubt Netflix anymore.They obviously know what they’re doing since they have so many successful TV shows and therefore, can raise their prices without losing subscribers because they have us on a dog leash.

I was sooo scared and hesitant going into this TV adaptation of A Series of Unfortunate Events not because I wanted it to be exactly like the books (which was faithfully done anyways), I just wanted it to be good. I was not disappointed. The TV show clearly outshine the movie.

The story follows 3 children who are forced to live with an evil distant relative after their house mysteriously burned to the ground, taking their parents with it. We follow these three children as they endure, as the title so pleasantly states, “a series of unfortunate events.” Throughout the show, we are reminded that there is no happy ending and if that is what we should expect, we should pause and watch something more cheerful.

Well, I thought, “nobody tells me what to do” and continued watching.

Neil Patrick Harris, oh my god. Harris OBVIOUSLY stole the show. He was creepy and frightening but also humorous. I loved it when he was on my screen which is weird because he was the villain. He BLEW Jim Carrey (movie version of Olaf) out of the water. Out of all the roles Harris has played, THIS is the one that I think really portrays his talents and also his most entertaining role (YES, THIS ROLE BEATS BARNEY STINSON). I can’t properly stress how amazing he was in this TV Show. From his expressions, his dialogue, his singing, I JUST LOVED EVERYTHING ABOUT HIM.

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Patrick Warburton as Lemony Snicket was also brilliant. I don’t know why, but his voice gives me meaning in life. I would have his voice would bug me since I think of Joe from Family Guy, but he really created the Lemony Snicket character. I also thought that being told various of definitions of words I already knew throughout the episodes would annoy the knockers out of me, but I loved it because it really did remind me of the books. The nostalgia was real.

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The Baudelaire children. Oh, the Baudelaire children. I did pity them throughout all the episodes. I felt their frustration, I felt their fears, I want them to have a happy ending. Hell, they deserve one. I can’t even be mad because Lemony Snicket said himself that we shouldn’t count on it. We have  Violet (Malina Weissman) , the inventor, was brilliant and genuine. Klaus (Louis Hynes), the reader, who I thought would have been the most annoying due to his portrayal in both the books and the movie, was actually an amazing intelligent character who I felt to be the most rational but hopeful. Last we have the adorable Sunny (Presley Smith) who’s teeth are sharp as nails and also served as the comic relief. 

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We are also introduced to countless other characters including the oblivious “#1 banker” Mr. Poe ( K. Todd Freeman). His role is both significant and insignificant. He sort of plays as the orphan drop off and also seems to have something stuck in his throat. As a character, he was my least favorite because he didn’t listen to the emergencies of these orphans were enduring but his role is to be the gullible easily tricked character–and who likes those characters?

We also have Olaf’s hilarious henchmen, relatives of the Baudelaire children and some other inexplicable characters.

Although the tone isn’t as dark as the books or movie, I actually liked the subtle lightness better. It’s like dramatic irony. Watch the show to know the definition.

What shocked me the most were the countless well-known actors/actresses who I have NO IDEA were going to be in the series. Thank you Netflix. 

Overall, I don’t have a lot of complaints if any at all. The pacing becomes wacky at times but the tone of the setting and the performance easily overshadows that minor fallacy.  I don’t want to seem like I’m overhyping it, but if you’re a fan of the books, then I think you would adore and appreciate the TV show.

In the intro, Harris/Olaf urges you to look away. However, I urge you to not.

What are your thoughts on the show? Do you think the movie was better or do you think Netflix is victorious?



6 thoughts on “Netflix’s “A Series of Unfortunate Events”| Unpleasantly Pleasant Surprise

  1. Oh my god I’ve been looking forwards to this series being released for ages (ever since I heard they were doing A Series of Fortunate Events as a series on Netflix) and I can’t believe I didn’t realise it has been released already. This is something I need to watch ASAP, it sounds amazing and I am so glad you loved it as well Qui, it gives me hope that the hype for this is real and I’ll end up enjoying it just as much.
    Great review, I’m really looking forwards to seeing Neil Patrick Harris as Count Olaf now! 😀

  2. I’ve loved Warburton for forever. My fave role of his has honestly been Kronk from Emporers New Groove XD I could listen to him talk ALL DAY & I think this role is now up on the top of fave things he’s done.

    I couldn’t agree with your opinions more. It is so so good. I Love it! ALL HAIL NETFLIX 😀

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