5 YA Trends That Needs To End

I like YA. From ages 14-17, I became an Avid reader in YA (the years before that, I was mostly reading the Princess Diaries and Meg Cabots other books). That’s 4 years of reading the same age group over and over again. Don’t get me wrong, I love it but there’s some things that I are preventing me from adding more of these age group books on my favorites list. I noticed that the only books that I gave 5 stars too was an adult short story and a literary fiction. I don’t think I have gave a YA book 5 stars in a while but I think I know why… I’ve been seeing the same things over and over again. These trends have become annoying, problematic, predictable and I just feel tired of seeing them. SO HERE ARE 5 TRENDS I WANT DELETED FROM EXISTENCE.

1. “The World Revolves Around Me” (The special snowflake)

I think this is my most hated one. I don’t know why, but it bothers me immensely. This usually coincide with the Chosen One trope. The character thinks that just because the posses a power/ability, they are better than everyone else. I get it, you’re special! They ended up being cocky, close minded and reckless, characters that I no longer like.

Image result for the office one liners gifs

2. “She’s a slut so I’m better than her” (Slut shaming)

This is something that I would easily mark down a star in a review. I don’t know why authors still do this, especially WOMEN authors. Girls gets called sluts or perceived as sluts because of the way they dress, act, talk, it’s honestly something that should have already been eliminated but nope, I keep seeing it.

3. “You’re amazing just the way you are” (Character accepts him/herself because their love interest accepts them)

I’ve seen this in so many YA contemporaries, even ones I consider my favorites. This is problematic because it sends the message that you need a partner to solve all your problems and that you can’t be happy without someone by your side. I like characters who challenge themselves and solve problems on their own, no ones who are like “I love me because you love me!”

4. “A Hopeless Romantic” (Slapping in a romance to draw more readers)

I’m looking at you The Naturals. The absolute worst. Don’t get me wrong, I love romance in book, but when it’s forced, no It’s easy to tell when an author forces a romance. I feel like this is used because they failed to create their own plot and so they add a romance to spice things up. Unnecessary love triangles also infuriates me because adding another love interest won’t create drama. We know who she/he is going to end up with. Stop trying to create dumb plot in your plot-less story

5. “Superficial Princess” (The Bitchy Girl)

This is just personal. Seeing this in many YA books over the years have become extremely tiresome and boring. I don’t know why authors feel compelled to add this type of girl in their stories in order to compare her to the main character girl (sweet, innocent, loving..barf) but it’s ridiculous to me.

What are some YA trends are you tired of seeing ?



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