The Reader Confessional #4

Welcome to a new confessional!

The reader confessional is where I disclose all of my embarrassing secrets, funny experiences, weird habits and unpopular opinions regarding my reading life.


This week’s confession:


Yes, I was on the “evil” side of the Twilight fandom. I already knew that they weren’t going to get together, but I didn’t care. I had no legit reason in supporting Jacob other than the fact that Taylor Lautner (who I may or may have not had a crush on in elementary/middle school) played Jacob. I never liked Edward because he was weird and creepy (so was Jacob at times but Edward was more apparent). YES I WAS ONE OF THOSE TWILIGHT FANS. My friends and I would get into actual fights over my beliefs. Now if you’re wondering what team I’m on now, I’m on #teamiwishbothmalecharactersneverexisted.

What team were you on?




2 thoughts on “The Reader Confessional #4

  1. Gosh the Twilight memories, we all loved it when it was at its prime (I was a proud member of #teamedward and I was even more proud because it was the first actual book I ever read) but now that time is behind us all, it’s a little sad, but it is now a book most love to hate.

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