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Happy Monday Everybody!

I’m sorry I’ve been MIA for the past week but college is seriously kicking my butt this semester, specifically my chemistry class. I’ve been trying to work on balancing school, work, reading, blogging, friends and family, but it has been extremely difficult. Hopefully, I will get into the swing of thing.

I promise that I will try to interact more in the community (responding to comments and making comments on other blogs).

Also, I reached 200 followers! Thank you to all who clicked that follow button! Thank you to those who have followed me in the beginning and thank you to those who started following me today. Everyone’s support has given me much motivation and I’m happy to be a part of this community! As a thank you, I will be hosting another giveaway soon! 🙂 I’m torn on what book to giveaway so I thought I would create a google form for you all to help me decide!


Now to my currently reading! I have started a lot of books but am struggling to finish them (not because of the book itself, more like me being busy with college). But, I really really really hope to finish some soon.


Weeellll, I forgot that I checked out this book until I found it on my loan page on overdrive and it said that I had 2 days to read it. I only made it to page 222 and then my loan expired. This one is on hold again but two people are ahead of me. Here’s my advise to all my library eBook readers out there: KEEP TRACK OF ALL LOANS AND HOLDS. ALSO, DON’T CHECK OUT YOUR MAX AMOUNT OF LOANS BECAUSE YOU WILL FEEL OVERWHELM.




Got two more days to finish this. But will I succeed? Will I stop procrastinating? Is 200 pages too many pages?






{Enter cover for Hope in Nautical Dusk by Miri Castor here)

I’m reading this for an honest review. This features a bisexual black main character so yeah, excited.


I’m reading some other books but I’ve only read a little bit in each book. Hopefully, I can stop this bad habit and read books the whole way through instead of starting 10 at a time.

Again, big thanks to all my followers and readers! Love you all 🙂





3 thoughts on “Life and blog updates|Currently reading| SURVEY FOR NEXT GIVEAWAY

    1. No problem! Many libraries use this system called overdrive (it’s most likely on their website). Here’s the link

      To log in, they will ask what library you use and then they will take you to your libraries overdrive page. Then you log in (for my library, the ask for the card number and pin) and presto!

      It also depends what device you have. If you have kindle, it will be easy. All you do is pick and borrow a book, then when you go to your loans page, you will pick kindle format and the page will take you to amazon and on the side, pick send to {blank} kindle and then the book transfers to your kindle!

      For other eReaders like nook, I think you can download the epub book version and use your computer to put the book on the device

      You can choose to loan the book for 7,14 or 21 days. The loan will expire it’s self and you don’t have to worry about returning it.

      I hope that all made sense!

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