Top 5 Reasons Why I Don’t Really Buy Books Anymore

(1) Money is tight

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This is pretty self-explanatory.

(2) I don’t have a stable living situation

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I’m living at my current house for only a year, moving away to an apartment for two years and moving away again. That’s a lot of moving and I don’t hate myself enough to want to lug all those books around. When I see people will 600+ books I’m always thinking “packing is going to be a huge bitch.”

(3)If I don’t like a book, I’m basically stuck with it.

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I love unhauls, but thinking about it, it’s kind of sad because people, including myself, will pay full price for a book hating the said book and donating. Like you lost all that money. Even if you resell, it’s still a major loss. When I did my huge unhaul, I mentally slapped myself for wasting all that money (that could have gone towards a car!). I just don’t see buying a book you’re not sure you’ll like (though, I get people are major book collectors and many tend to keep all the books they’ve read, even books they don’t like).

(4)There are alternative and way more affordable ways to read books.

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Psst, libraries still exist! 90% of my reading comes from the library 7% comes from Scribd and the other 3% is my physical tar (which isn’t big because I don’t buy books anymore). I get that people love to buy books. It has various mental health benefits and I loved seeing people’s personal libraries. However, I began to realize that maybe that lifestyle isn’t for me.

(5)Trying to Declutter my Life. 

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I actually stop posting, reading and watching book hauls because this type of content urges me to want to buy the book. I’m not going to lie when I read a post or watch a video and they mention that this is a “sponsor by” I automatically click away. These types of posts and videos are meant for you to want to buy the book and I’m trying to avoid that like a plague! No hate to sponsored content, but ultimately that’s what the creator and company are trying to do (I have no self-control, okay!). I also got rid of a bunch of Disney pins/stuff animals/other collectibles because they just collect dust and these items are just not worth keeping anymore. I don’t have the resources to become a true minimalist, but the clutter I’ve piled over the years has brought me a lot of anxiety. Right now, I see the clutter, and it’s making me extremely anxious.

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5 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons Why I Don’t Really Buy Books Anymore

  1. All proper, valid reasons!
    I don’t usually buy full priced books anymore. Sometimes it takes longer, but i wait until the price drops for the kindle version, and get it for like 0.99.

  2. I hate wasting money on a book I don’t like! I try and keep myself to the strict rule of not buying unless I’ve read it already and loved it or it’s one of my auto-buy authors!

    I don’t have 600+ books but i do move often and every time I hate myself for all the books I have to move.

    The library is so great! I read 94 of the 103 books I read this year thanks to the library!

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