Authors Defending Themselves and Other Bad Ideas

Yeah, I could make a long ass post on why this shit is unacceptable. I honestly don’t know why this defending harmful tropes/stereotypes has become a thing. BUT, I’ll just make a list for ya’ll.

  • If reviewers are saying that something is racist, homophobic, ablest, cissexist or anything else that’s harmful to a marginalized group, stop and think. It’s highly that people who are feeling this way are part of those groups. Authors defending themselves saying those groups are wrong is ridiculous (your privilege is most likely showing).
  • I know authors put in a lot of work into their books. I get it’s stressful, time consuming and whatever. However, being author shouldn’t be easy. Authors need to put their pride in the trash and listen to their reviewers (their marginalized reviewers at that).
  • Research is good and all but SENSITIVITY READERS IS A MUST for any book that has marginalized characters.
  •  Oh god authors, please stop commenting on Goodreads reviews, especially when you are defending yourself. You are making yourself look more like a fool than you already are lmao.
  • If you private message a reviewer, STILL DEFENDING YOURSELF, there’s a thing called screenshots and you will get exposed. #Stopthreateningreviewerswithblackmagic
  • Author’s friends: please stop defending you’re friend’s problematic work. Lookin at you Tamora Pierce.
  • Authors, tell your fans to stop attacking reviewers who call out you out. This is the worst thing ever and I’m tired of seeing on my twitter timeline of people I follow getting constantly attacked. IF YOU AS AN AUTHOR SUPPORT THIS BULLYING YOU NEED TO SIT DOWN WITH A CUP OF BITTER TEA AND REEVALUATE YOUR LIFE.
  • FANS: Yes, it’s tragic to see your favorite author produce a harmful book. I’ve been burned too (Personal example: Richelle Mead’s Soundless portrays disabilities in a very negative light). I love Richelle Mead growing up, she was like my Stephanie Meyer. However, I can’t defend her for a book that’s harmful to a marginalized group, I’m sorry. It’s hard to admit when your favorite author does something wrong but you know what, you just got to get over it. You just had to be like, “well fuck, Soundless was pretty messed up, I love Richelle Mead but I don’t recommend this book to anybody because of the ablest undertones.” You are not even betraying your author rather you are helping them realize their mistakes.
  • FANS: If you rate a book 5 stars and people start to speak out against the book on how it portrays harmful themes, STOP AND THINK. I’m not saying you should lower your rating. Star rating don’t really mean much tbh. However, putting a disclaimer in your reviewer about the situation doesn’t hurt either.

Well that’s it. I’m done. Have a great rest of your day!