IMG_20160823_174142.jpgI’m Qui! 🙂
I remember the first time I ever saw myself in the book (ironically, I totally forgot the name of this said book). I was at my elementary school book fair and I saw a black girl on the cover! I couldn’t believe it! When I got home, I begged and begged my mom for 8 dollars to buy this book. So finally I bought it and read it and that’s when my reading life changed. Although I don’t remember the book nor what the book was even about, I remember that I was so happy reading about a book featuring someone that looked like me. I was so happy that I asked my mom if I can use her email address so that I can email the author herself, saying thank you for writing this amazing book. About 7 weeks later, that author replied, thanking me for reading her book and that the email touched her. My life was forever made.
It took me a while to fully appreciate this experience (almost 8 years!). Growing up, I never really truly liked my black side. I always wanted to straighten my hair. Oh GOD I hated my hair. I picked my skin for years because I hated it so much. When people asked for my race, I tell them I’m white because I thought, technically I am white. I thought I can just “pick a side” and everything would be okay. But it’s not so simple. I can’t just pick a side. If this was a different era, I would be considered as black, would still receive the unjust treatment that blacks received all those years.

I always thought black wasn’t beautiful. I mean, I never really saw black folks in the media and the media is known for featuring “beautiful” people. So therefore, I thought black wasn’t beautiful, I thought I wasn’t beautiful.

But seeing that black girl on the cover, that BEAUTIFUL black girl on the cover, I remember being so happy. “That’s me!” I thought. I can beautiful. I am beautiful.

More and more black people/women are being represented in television and movies. The book industry is now starting to publish more books with black authors and black characters and I want to promote these stories.

Now, I fully embrace my blackness and that’s how I identify. I still struggle. Some days I consider shaving off all my hair and some days I cry because I still see that ugly black girl I despised when I was younger. But most days, I love being black, I love my hair, I love my skin, I love my eyes, I love my nose, I love myself. Those days are what matters the most.

I used to be called quireads but I changed it to theblacklitqueen (the queen part is mostly a high school joke). I want to read, want to promote more and more black books. I want more black discussions. I also identify as bisexual so I want to see more bisexual black characters as well. I want more pan, gay, lesbian, trans, non-binary, intersex, ace black characters. I want books with black disabled characters. I want black characters with various of religions and belief. I want more people to see themselves in books. I hope this blog can help someone find themselves in literature because it’s a thrilling experience when you do.

And that’s why I created this blog.


PGP: She-Her

Age: 20

Pursued Major: B.A. Psychology with Minor in Gender and Sexuality Studies

Dream Occupation: FBI Agent


Favorite Movie: ZOOTOPIA, Princess and the Frog

Favorite TV shows: The Office, How I Met Your Mother, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Parks and Rec, Orange is the New Black, Criminal Minds, Shark Tank, Scream Queens, Bojack Horseman

Favorite Card Games: Slap, Uno, Speed

Favorite Author: Roxane Gay, Gillian Flynn

Favorite Genre: Contemporary (Mystery/Thriller, Romance, Realistic Fiction) and Non-Fiction

Least Favorite Genre: I love all genres! But the one I read the least from is historical fiction, poetry, and new adult

Why I love to read?: Honestly, I don’t know. In elementary school, there were these reading challenges where if you read a certain number of books, you get six flags tickets so I was really competitive with that. Also, in the 5th grade, my teacher hosted these reading competitions where you and a friend would pick a book. You would the race to see who would finish the book first and get the highest AR score. The winner got class tickets. And then, I guess, reading became a habit of mine

Cat or Dog?: DOGS

Library or Bookstore? LIBRARY ALL THE WAY

Random Fact: I don’t have my driver’s license! I’m such a public transportation type of gal.

Favorite Food: Broccoli, anything with potatoes, quinoa tortilla chips with fire salsa,  7 layer Bean Burrito fresco style no cheese or sour cream with fire hot sauce from Taco Bell. HUMMUS

Random Fact:I love Tsum Tsums! I never buy them but people give them to me as gifts

Tea or Coffee?: COFFEE

Favorite Starbucks drink: Ice Carmel coffee, half and half

Favorite Boba drink: Passion Green Tea (with boba of course!)

Favorite Store: If I had all the money in the world, I would go to the Disney Store every week. I also like Ebay because you can find deals on Disney Collectibles. Oh, I guess I also like Barnes and Noble lmao. I just don’t shop there a lot unless I have a gift card.

Favorite Restaurant: Does Taco Bell Count?







Updated: 6/15/2018




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