I’m Qui! 🙂
I remember the first time I ever saw myself in the book (ironically, I totally forgot the name of this said book). I was at my elementary school book fair and I saw a Black girl on the cover! I couldn’t believe it! When I got home, I begged and begged my mom for 8 dollars to buy this book. So finally I bought it and read it and that’s when my reading life changed. Although I don’t remember the book nor what the book was even about, I remember that I was so happy reading about a book featuring someone that looked like me. I was so happy that I asked my mom if I can use her email address so that I can email the author herself, saying thank you for writing this amazing book. About 7 weeks later, that author replied, thanking me for reading her book and that the email touched her. My life was forever made.

Seeing that black girl on the cover, that BEAUTIFUL black girl on the cover, I remember being so happy. “That’s me!” I thought. I can be beautiful. I am beautiful.

More and more Black people/women are being represented in television and movies. The book industry is now starting to publish more books written by  Black authors and featuring books with Black characters and I want to promote these stories.

I used to be called quireads but I changed it to theblacklitqueen (the queen part is mostly a high school joke). I want to read, want to promote more and more Black books. I want more Black discussions. I also identify as bisexual so I want to see more bisexual Black characters as well. I want more pan, gay, lesbian, trans, non-binary, intersex, ace Black characters. I want books with Black disabled characters. I want Black characters with various of religions and beliefs. I want more people to see themselves in books. I hope this blog can help someone find themselves in literature because it’s a thrilling experience when you do.

And that’s why I created this blog.


PGP: She-Her-They-Them

Age: 21

Pursued Major: B.A. Psychology with Sociology Minor

Dream Occupation: Social Workers (Still debating what kind)



Handdrawn Circle Logo








Updated: 7/3/2020




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