Contact/Review Policy

For book review requests, comments, questions, etc. Thank you!

My email is If you are an author/publisher, please read below.

Note: I prioritized diverse books, meaning the main character has to fall into a marginalized group (POC, lgbtqia+, disability, mental health, etc). Marginalized authors/ownvoices will be #1 priority. However, I will read almost anything so feel free to ask me to review your book!

Genres (all age groups welcome!) These are in order of my most read genre

  • Realistic Fiction/Contemporary
  • Mystery/Thriller/Horror
  • Comics/Graphic Novels
  • Memoirs/non-fiction
  • Literary Fiction
  • Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Magical Realism/Paranormal (may deny. depends on the book)
  • Historical (may deny, depends on the book)


  • I accept ebook and physical formats (I’m one of the few that likes e-arcs).
  • I will give an honest opinion so be prepared if I didn’t like the book.
  • Please provide a synopsis and also if there is a deadline needed.
  • I will post my review both on my blog and Goodreads (If needed, Amazon as well).
  • I have the right to “DNF” a book. I will contact you if this ever occurs.
  • If you want something more “creative” than a book review for your book, just ask! I can do an author Q&A, etc.
  • Click [here] for my star rating guidelines


Thank you 🙂

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