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Mid Year Book Freak Out Tag!|Lots of Contemporaries and Some Graphic Novels

Best Book You’ve Read in 2018?

The Love & Lies of Rukhsana AliThe Love & Lies of Rukhsana Ali by Sabina Khan

I’ve read a handful of 4.5/5 star reads but this one stood out to me the most.  I know this has pretty mixed reviews and a lot of people find the ending unrealistic but I still think about this book till this day.  Queer people still have to face violence from others and it can hurt a lot more if it comes from loved ones. I come from a very conservative family and a lot of the homophobia and violence hit pretty much home for me. I would say the ending was a tad bit rushed but that didn’t matter because believe it or not, that ending is basically what happened in my life.  I loved everything about this book and I highly recommend it for people who are in right headspace in their life and can handle the intense amount of homophobia and physical and emotional and mental brutality our main character has to face.

Best sequel you’ve read so far

I’ve read no sequels this year…YIKES

A new release you want to read but haven’t gotten to yet?

If it Makes You Happy by Claire Kann

Another big YIKES. I’ve read the first 20 pages or so but for some reason, I put it down and before I knew it, my library loan ended!

The most anticipated release for the rest of the year?

The Revolution of Birdie RandolphThe Revolution of Birdie Randolph by Brandy Colbert

Do I want to read this just for the cover? Yes and no. I also liked her other book Little & Lion and I’m excited about this new release! I also need to read some of her other backlist books.





Biggest Disappointment of the year

Watch Us Rise by Renee Watson and Ellen Hagan

Honestly, I have like 10 books for this answer but the one that I really thought I was going to LOVE was Watch Us Rise. Unfortunately, this was just fine. I appreciated the messages, the topics it tackled such as microaggressions but overall I just didn’t find this the most memorable story.

Biggest Surprise for the year?

On a Sunbeam by Tillie Walden

On a Sunbeam

1. This is over 500 pages. 2. This is SciFi which I always struggle with 3. Duel timelines. All of these things which I normally don’t like in a book. But this actually surprised me in such a great way! Although it’s definitely a hefty book, it was fast-paced, it had exceptional characters, the art style was STUNNING, and the overall plot always had my attention.





Favorite New Author?

Julian Winters!

I read Running with Lions and How to be Remy Cameron which I both adored!!! Can’t wait to read more by him in the future.

Newest fictional crush?

Liv from The Avant-Guards by Carly Usdin and Noah Hayes.

She’s just the cutest! That’s all, that’s the answer

A book that made you cry

How to be Remy Cameron by Julian Winters

How to Be Remy Cameron

Okay, this book isn’t perfect (I will have a review up soon!) but damn this book hit me the hardest on such a personal level. I struggle with labels as well and the commentary and nuances on this issue were perfection. THE QUOTES IN THIS BOOK, MAN. I can’t wait for this to come out so everyone can experience the chaotic emotional cycle Winters puts the readers through.




A book that made you happy

Red White and Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston

Generic 2019 answer but one that is just FACTS!

The most beautiful book you bought this year

I don’t have an answer for this one oops!

What books do you need to read by the end of the year?

I would like to finish/catch up on Alyssa Cole’s Reluctant Royals series. I also have some fantasy books that I would like to get to.

Plans for the rest of the year?

I’m kind of in a blogging slump right now but I hope that I can get back to the swing of things in the next couple of weeks. I want to post 1-2x a week. 1 book review/mini-reviews and 1 other type of bookish content. I also want to blog hop more and just overall become more active in the book community.

I also am behind in a few challenges and I want to up my genre game (read more thrillers and fantasy). I also want to read more middle grade as well!

If you are a book blog that I’m not following, make sure to link your website down below! I want to talk to ya’ll more!

Let’s Talk about Books!

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